6 common types of blemishes on face

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Blemish means spot or mark on any part of the skin. There are various kinds of blemishes on face. According to research reports, blemishes are not harmful to the skin. But there is a need to remove them. But a few types of blemishes cause serious skin problems. People want to remove these blemishes because they think they don’t look pretty with these spots.

Is your confidence destroyed at the sight of a blemish?? You are not alone in this case. Many women have experienced these low confidence phases due to their skin imperfections. people are worried about how to get rid of blemishes, However, there are a lot of curative therapies to remove these blemishes.

Types of blemishes

There are different kinds of blemishes on face.

  1. Acne

Acne is one of the skin problems. it is a type of blemishes on face. It happened when bacteria or dust block hair follicles. moreover, another reason is excessive oil production on the skin. Oil is produced on the skin by different factors for example abnormal behaviour of oil glands, hormonal imbalance, and stress or anxiety. Acne leaves a black, pockmark, or red spot on the skin. These are different conditions of blemishes on face.

Acne vulgaris.
Acne occurs when there are expansion and blockage of a hair follicle or sebaceous gland followed by an immune response and inflammation of the skin.


Types of acne on face

  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads
  • Papules
  • Pustules



different factors cause acne spots or blemishes on the face.

  • Unhealthy diet
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Bacterial infection
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Poor sanitation
  • Cheap beauty products
  • Sunlight
  • Drinking less water


This acne condition is not that harmful but has a bad effect on the skin. Everyone asks how to get rid of blemishes or acne spots from the face. So treatment is required for this. as we know there are different types of a cure if you have blemishes on face. There are different types of serum and medicated creams are available.

Some home remedies are also recommended by doctors to remove acne spots or blemishes on face. Some serious type of acne or blemishes like skin cancer cannot be treated with home remedies.

acne of face

Difference between Acne and Blemishes?

Acne vulgaris is due to the blockage of sebaceous glands and bacterial causes blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples on our face. spots or Blemishes are due to melanin accumulation which just decolorizes the skin. These are not the same condition at all. But blemishes may result due to untreated acne.


  1. Rash

A rash is a condition of the skin in which you notice any change in skin colour or skin texture. Red spots or blemishes appear on the skin and most of the time these rashes irritate the skin.

rashes-on-skin-due-to allergy
rashes on skin


Rashes spots are types of blemishes on the face. There are different kinds of rashes for example,

  • Flea bites
  • Fifth disease
  • Rosacea
  • Impetigo
  • Ringworms
  • Eczema
  • Diaper rashes
  • Psoriasis
  • Shingles


There different causes of skin rash or blemishes. There is a list of factors for rashes

  • Moist and hot weather
  • Rough and dry skin
  • Insect’s bites
  • Food allergy
  • Excessive use of medicine
  • Bacterial or fungal infections


if you have these types of blemishes on your face, don’t need to worry about it. There are different types of treatment for different types of rashes and blemishes. Every type needs specific treatment. international dermatology centre provided a list of how to get rid of blemishes. For reducing the pain you can use paracetamol or Advil.


Medicated lotions are also available for rashes. Use these creams or lotions after a doctor’s recommendation. There are home remedies are also available.

  1. Melasma:

 this is a type of blemishes on is caused by the production of Melanin skin pigment which causes darkening of the skin in the form of patches of different appears on different areas of the face. for example,

dark spot or melasma 
  • Cheeks
  • Upper lips
  • Forehead
  • nose

It appears also on different body parts for example,

  • Shoulder
  • Neck
  • Forearms

According to a research report of the American Academy of dermatology, only 10 per cent of people are affected by it but pregnant women and darker skin tone people have a chance of getting melisma. Because people with conditions have a large number of melanocytes.


  • Sun exposure
  • Oral contraceptive pills
  • Pregnancy-induced
  • Hypothalamic pituitary imbalance


there are different ways to get rid of blemishes.

  • Topical treatment includes hydroquinone, Iron oxide, kojic acid, and steroids.
  • Oral treatment involves tranexamic acid, polypodium, and Glutathione.
  • Procedural treatment involves chemical peeling and micro-needling techniques
  1. Birthmarks

Sometimes you see the spot-on newborn baby body. These are called birthmarks. Actually, these birthmarks naturally occurred as a type of blemishes on the skin. Birthmarks are congenital skin abnormalities. Mostly these are permanent but few may disappear with time.


Birthmarks are always noticeable blemishes on the skin. The size and shape of these blemishes are different in different persons. They are in different shape and size for example

  • Upraised or flat
  • Looks like a bump or stain
  • The colour of blemish may be red pink brown or tan.

According to dermatosis, these birthmarks are not harmful kinds of blemishes. But sometimes these types of spots indicating an underlying problem. So it is necessary to go for a checkup of your child.

Sometimes, these birthmarks start increasing with the time that is an alarming situation, in this condition people have to talk to a doctor.

Types :

The main two types are vascular birthday marks and Pigment birthmarks.

  • Vascular birthday marks:

These are due to malformation of my microvasculature

  • Pigment birthmarks:

are due to the accumulation of pigments which cause discolouration of the skin. They can be of different colours from tan to brown, grey to black, or sometimes blue.


The cause of birthmark formation is still unknown. The dermatologist does not have any scientific evidence of the cause of the birthmark .but there are few suspected reasons

  • Improper formation of blood vessels
  • Abnormal growth of skin
  • Sometimes pigment cells of skin overlap and create dark skin area or black mole


There are different ways to get rid of removing birthmarks. Laser therapy is the most effective way.

  1. Skin cancer

Some kinds of blemishes or spots can be the signal of serious illness like skin cancer. So don’t think every blemish harmless.

Skin lesions from allergies. Vintage filtered image.


There are some signs of skin cancer

  • A mole increasing its size quickly
  • Any mole or spot itches or bleed
  • A blemish changing its size, shape, and colour
  • A spot has rough edges and irregular edges
  • A blemish or mole has a size of 6 millimetre

Therefore in this serious condition people have to go to the doctor for a checkup. If A person noticing any change or blemish on the skin so he has to see a doctor.


a study has shown about a million people every year search online sites on how to get rid of blemishes or cancer sites. but they have to understand these serious blemishes or skin spots needed complete medical treatment.

  1. Age spot:

Age spots are also a type of blemishes on face. These are also called liver spots. These blemishes appear at the age of 40 in men and women.

eldery woman smiling front on a white background


There are various causes of age spots

  • Sun exposure
  • Excessive production of melanin
  • Poor diet
  • Deficiency of vitamin
  • Deficiency of minerals


Hydroquinone is useful for removing age spots or blemishes.

Home remedies for the treatment of blemishes

There are few home remedies for the treatment of blemishes on the face.


This is an effective treatment for blemishes and acne. Streaming is old age technique. It helps in the removal of trapped particles in pores.

Use aloe Vera gel:

Aloe Vera gel has many helps you moisturize the skin, aloe Vera gel protects the skin from ultraviolet rays and sunburn.  You can use it as a sunblock.use-alovera-for-blemishes


Apply honey:

Honey helps to fade the scars and blemishes on the face. So it is an effective and organic way to remove blemishes. So for removal of blemishes use 2 tablespoon honey for 10 will show good results.


Drink plenty of water:

Water plays a key role in good skin. It helps to remove blemishes on the face. Doctors suggest drinking about 5 to 8 glasses of water daily.



As we discussed types of blemishes on the face and their reasons. Therefore it is essential to do proper care of your skin. Moistures your skin daily, eat healthy food, avoid direct sun exposure, and take essential supplements.


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