aerial yoga in 2022

Aerial yoga for beginners in 2022

What are the benefits of Aerial yoga for beginners? Have you tried Aerial yoga at home? As you know, yoga is a practice to keep our bodies fit and healthy. Most people do yoga for weight loss and mental peace, and they try different kinds of yoga poses to lose weight. But Aerial yoga is the hottest thing in the fitness industry; people nowadays are doing Aerial yoga instead of other yoga because it has various benefits. It not only helps to lose weight but also helps to make the body more flexible and provides strength too. aerial yoga in 2022

Aerial yoga gained stride because of its amazing results. It gives the people amazing transformation. That’s why other people also want to do Aerial yoga after seeing its amazing results. But the question arises in everybody’s mind: can beginners do Aerial yoga at home? Is Aerial yoga for beginners easy? And the answer, according to experts, is that yes, beginners can easily do Aerial yoga at home. But they need a few types of equipment for doing Aerial yoga at home in 2022. 

In this article, we will guide you on the benefits of Aerial yoga for beginners and how to perform Aerial yoga at home.  

What is Aerial Yoga? 

Aerial yoga is a modest form of typical yoga in which he uses different types of equipment for hanging in the air. This advanced form of yoga also includes a few typical aesy poses and philosophies of aerial art. Mostly in this yoga, silk clothes or ropes are used to hang the body in the air or perform different shapes.

Additionally, Aerial yoga for beginners is different from typical yoga because typical yoga is only performed on the ground, but Aerial yoga is fully performed in the air. It is difficult to perform for a few people like overweight people, and because of their extra weight, they can’t do this advanced yoga. 

Benefits of Aerial yoga for beginners in 2022

Aerial yoga for beginners is very beneficial. It has many advantages. According to a study, aerial athletes provide flexibility, balance and strength.

There is also a benefit of joint decompression, which becomes compressed with time due to gravity or with increasing age. Although the research on this type of yoga is limited, a study has proved that it can lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

This study shows that when you perform aerial yoga for 50 minutes, it can burn up to 300 calories. Thus it is a low to moderate intensity yoga.

It is also proved that aerial yoga has positive effects on mental health. It can help you get rid of depression and anxiety. This is also more accessible as compared to acrobatics

How can beginners perform Aerial yoga at home? 

Yes, surely you can perform this without changing your living room setting. In the bay area, Lori Salomon has been teaching classes of aerial yoga for almost six years, and she also attends too many patients in private home can do aerial yoga at home in 2022

According to her observation, it is easier to make people learn yoga one-on-one. Like a traditional hammock, you can connect your silks and ropes around your sturdy beam.

Some people directly install their ropes and aerial silks into their ceilings. Salmon has made her living room her playground.

What equipment is needed to perform Aerial Yoga? 

If you are for aerial class in a studio, then you don’t require any equipment as such.

You should wear active wear and cover your body because ropes and silk can rub your skin. Some classes provide towels to have cushioning effects, but you can also take them with you. aerial yoga in 2022

But if you are willing to perform yoga at home, then you will give you different options to buy.

Keep in mind some contraption  are sold separately from their ceiling hooks, stands and mounts.

  • Gravitonic yoga  

It was manufactured in 2003. This is a very versatile and more accessible option available out there 

  • Yoga trapeze 

Yoga trapeze by yoga body is not like all other yoga swings function wisely.

  • Uplift yoga

This site provides you with different yoga gear like yoga hammocks, silks and hoops.

  • AYRX yoga swings

Salmon makes jokes about these yoga swings made by Jen Healy and says it is a tesla of yoga swings. You can either purchase these swings individually or in deluxe packages.


  • If you don’t feel well, you should take a break or ask for help
  • You can increase your skills by keeping the rope and sling in the right place. If you find something difficult, ask your teacher about it
  • According to salmon, a little goes a long way. So be steady. Learn things slowly. You will learn all the things with time.
  • The main thing is trust. You should have trust in your contraption and your teacher. Have trust in yourself
  • In the beginning, things seem difficult. You get confused, and you find yourself tangled. But if you show some interest and enjoy it, you have a lot of fun.


Yoga is the best form of exercise. It not only benefits your body, but it also makes the brain sharper. This exercise is easy to perform, but one main thing is that you should have done it the right way. People try different yoga forms as per their choice, but Aerial yoga for beginners is the best type to perform if you want amazing results. 

It is a type of yoga performed in the air, and it includes different poses that make your body more flexible. Additionally, Aerial yoga helps you tone your body, and it is good for heart health. This Aerial yoga needs a few types of equipment to perform, such as rope, thread, and silk cloth. 

Different fitness experts are giving training for Aerial classes; you can join any physical or online class of Aerial yoga. But if you want to perform aerial yoga at home, you can also do it at home but keep safety precision in mind.


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