boston terrier health issues

Boston terrier health issues

Boston terrier

Do you own a Boston terrier? Are you aware of Boston terrier health issues? I know having a Boston terrier as a pet is an amazing thing because Boston terrier is the best breed. Basically, Boston is the cross result of English bulldog and White English Terrier. Boston terroir is the most gentle, affectional pet and is especially known as an American gentleman. You can leave your Boston terror with your family without any tension because they are too friendly. Additionally, the best thing about Boston terroir is that they are friendly and safe for kids. There few things about the Boston terrier which you have to know about it.

According to experts, Boston terroir is sensitive to dogs and easily gets affected, so it is essential to know about the Boston terroir health issues and treatment options.

Here are common health problems are mentioned below.

  1. Epilepsy

As you know most notable feature of the Boston terrier is their rounded and domed head. It initially gives a perpetual baby face but may cause diseases like epilepsy later in life. Seizures are continuous abnormal brain activity that causes convulsions and fits, fecal incontinence, and foaming at dogs’ mouths.

In addition, Epilepsy in Boston Terriers is always inherited and has a strong family history. It becomes symptomatic in dogs even before three years of age.epilepsy in Boston terrier

How to treat

Here are various ways to treat epilepsy in dogs. Few are mentioned below

  • Use holistic medicine because many experts proved that we could treat epilepsy in a dog with holistic therapy such as ayurvedic oils
  • Give fatty acid piles to your Boston
  • Anti-epileptic drugs
  • Add melatine to their diet
  • Proper diet
  1. Hemi vertebrae

Boston’s little nub tail is very much famous if there is a bit of corkscrew to it. But this corkscrew shape is derived from a defect in the shape of the vertebrae in tail bones. It looks very cute and attractive at the end of the spine.  But some Boston Terriers do have misshapen vertebrae.

Moreover, Nerve dysfunction may also occur in dogs, and it directly depends on the site of the lesion. They may have incontinence and even paralysis of one side or both sides.

Boston terrier

Nothing innovative and change-making has been done to fix hemivertebrae. So you should get your Boston from a reputable breeder that is expert in screening their breeding stock.

How to treat

  • Provide complete rest to your dog
  • Use anti-inflammatory medicines
  • Hemilaminetomy
  1. Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (Dry Eye)

The last problem shared here is keratoconjunctivitis sicca or dry eye. Dogs having this problem usually lack teardrops and can’t maintain the moisture of their eyes. As a result, eyes become dry, thus leading to soreness, itchiness, and infection at later stages. Dry eyes look very dull and lusterless instead of normal shiny eyes.

eye infection in boston terrier
dry eye problem in Boston terrier

Moreover, Dry eyes may become a chronic disease it is one of the Boston terrier health issues. You just need to stop its progression with an eye drop or ointment to keep your eyes moist, which prevents the risk of further injury and damage.

How to cure

It is easy to treat dry eye conditions in dogs. Here are few options

  • Use lubricant in dog eyes
  • Use Eye drops for dry eyes
  • You can put two drops of liver oil per day
  • Use antibiotic
  1. Homeostasis imbalance

Homeostasis means “same” or constant. It is a Greek word. It maintains the internal condition of the body to help your Boston terrier in its survival. Because of small size, small dogs have less insulation, so they can have issues in homeostasis. Therefore care should be taken not to export dogs from cold areas to having a completely different temperature. It can kill the dog. There are different Boston terrier health issues that are not curable but you can treat homeostasis.

  1. Patellar luxation

If the patella or kneecap of your Boston terrier gets hurt, he will feel pain. Patellar luxation is the movement of the knee on its own, leaving behind the joint. This is one serious disease from Boston terrier health issues. The condition can even get worse if the dog is overweight.bostonterrier health problem

On Other hand, this happens due to some genetic problem or trauma. For example, if your dog is going through some pain or stretches his leg, then it means there is some problem. You should instantly check some doctor.

How to cure

The treatment option of Patellar luxation is surgery. There are different types of surgery available.

  • Tibial Tuberosity Transposition
  • Femoral Recession Sulcoplasty
  • Varus Osteotomy
  • Soft Tissue Reconstruction
  1. Allergies

Skin allergies because of some bacteria like staphylococcus are expected in Boston terriers. You can say that skin allergies are one of the Boston terrier health issues. Give your dog healthy food to avoid such kinds of skin allergies. If your dog scratches his hair, you should go to a allergy in boston terrier

How to treat

Skin allergies are easy to cure at home. You just have to use home remedies

  • Colloidal Oatmeal Baths
  • Coconut Oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • Baking Soda

Note: You can avoid skin allergies by a regular bath with shampoo free of toxic substances. Therefore, human shampoo should not be used for their bath.

  1. Sensorineural deafness

Boston terriers have specific shapes of ears, which makes them vulnerable to some ear diseases. Before buying a dog, you should check the bear hearing test. If a dog has a blue or excessive white eye, there are chances of them being deaf. Boston terrier health issues also include permanent deafness.why my boston terrier can not hear

How to treat

Sensorineural deafness is a severe disease, so it is difficult to cure. But few surgeries are available, but these are costly.

  1. Corneal ulcers

Due to sudden injury, trauma, or the presence of a foreign object, they can suffer from corneal ulcers. Corners of their eyes release some fluid. This condition is so irritating, and they will try to rub their eyes .according to new research, corneal ulcers are one of the severe Boston terrier health Can be treated with some antibiotic drops within a week. You should immediately consult the vet.

How to treat

Here are few ways to cure corneal ulcer

  • antibiotic drop
  • special ‘bandage
  • ulcer removing surgery
  1. Entropian

Entropian is the inversion of a portion of the eyelid. it is a genetic disorder. If this condition is left untreated, it can cause damage to the whole eye. If there are extra tears in your dog’s eye, make sure to check the doctor ASAP. No doubt, eye infections are Boston terrier health issues. If it’s not done so, it can cause the loss of vision.

How to treat

The best way to treat entropion is surgery of eyelid. But here are few options you can try at home for treating entropion in Boston

  • Roll eyelids of Boston outward, perform this multiple times
  • Use homeopathic medicines
  • Use steroid-based eye drops
  • The last option is eye surgery
  1. Cataract

Cataract means the becoming of the eyelid the cloudier and which causes blindness. Symptoms of cataracts are redness, excess discharge of fluid, eyeball color is changed. A surgical operation cures a cataract.Cataract in boston terrier

How to treat

Treatment of contract depends on the stage of disease and its root cause. Here are few things are suggested for treating cataracts In Boston

  • Use steroid types eye drops for reducing inflammation
  • Go to vet for cataract surgery
  1. Cherry eye

The most common problem through which Boston terriers go through is the cherry eye. A protrusion in tear glands causes this. This disease should not be ignored and should be treated. The tear gland protects the eyes from dust and other toxic substances. Common symptoms are dryness of the eyes, protrusion of mass from the eye problem is common in boston terrier

How to treat

  • Put a warm, moist towel on Boston eye for one minute and repeat it
  • Use eye drops of the best company
  • The last option is surgical replacement of the third eyelid.

As you know, there are various Boston terrier health issues, so before buying your favorite Boston terrier, you have to know about the Boston terrier health issues and treatment. You have to know about the common problems with the Boston terrier.

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