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The main topic of the conversation these days is how Covid-19 is affecting our lives. The most frequently asked question nowadays is how to maintain health during a pandemic. there are some health tips you can follow to avoid coronavirus. As we all know COVID-19 situation is the worst all over the world. Almost the whole earth planet is affected by a coronavirus. Current global covid-19 cases are 78,420,543 and death till now are 1,725,057. The number of cases is increasing during the second wave of the pandemic.

As we know, many people have started spending most of their time in their homes more than normal days. You are most probably staying at home, working online, and unable to rejoin your gyms. Because of all of this, you might have trouble leading a happier life, sleeping well, and might be having low moods. These changes directly affect our health or immune system and make us prone to Covid_19 and various other community-acquired infectionsronavirus is affecting all age groups. But patients on dialysis and having other infectious diseases are severely immunocompromised and highly prone to be infected with Covid-19 as compared to the normal healthier population. But no need to worry about this. There are many health tips for these patients.

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Therefore maintain your health. This is the only way to avoid COVID-19. And we have to boost our immune system for a healthy life. Because only a strong immune system protects us from covid-19 or other infectious diseases.

Additionally, the World health organization provided us some health tips for staying strong and healthy during these pandemic days. it provided a detailed list of health tips in which it clearly mentioned what we should do.

Here is a list of some effective health tips and precautions for covid-19.

  • Wash hand
  • Use mask
  • Eat healthy food
  • get enough sleep
  • Do exercise
  • Stay hydrated
  1. Wash hand often

Want to protect yourself from coronavirus? Then you must wash your hand frequently. Are you thinking about how washing hands can protect you from the corona? But it’s true. Many studies have shown that most respiratory viruses like the coronavirus spread through the hands while an infected person touches someone or anything. Most of the time hands play the role of vector for virus transmission from one person to another.

A question is that from where these viruses come from on hands? As we all know Covid-19 is a respiratory virus so when an infected person coughs or sneeze it comes out with saliva and mucus or droplet. We put our hands on our mouths while coughing and sneezing so these viruses get stick to our hands. If you have the virus, touching your face or eye also increases the chance of sticking viruses to your hands.

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Therefore this is suggested by doctors and virologists in their current health tips regarding corona to wash your hand after every 10 minutes during these days. Because handwashing kills viruses. World health organizations recommended in their health tips to wash your hand at least for 20 seconds each time. There is a specific way of washing hands during a pandemic.


  • Wash your hand for at least 20 to 30 seconds
  • Use any kind of soap or liquid gel
  • Wash your hand thoroughly by rubbing fingertips on both inside and outside
  • Clean your hands in the open air or use a personal towel
  1. Use a mask

Using a face mask is a healthy gesture for a healthy lifestyle nowadays. Many kinds of research have proven that the use of a face mask helps 70% to protect yourself from this fatal virus. The mask is used to avoid the entrance of particles that contain viruses. When your face will be covered so there will be less chance of transferal of coronavirus and many other viruses into your body.

Moreover International health care center provides a wide list of health tips to avoid coronavirus. If you want to be safe then you have to follow these all health tips strictly. Frequently asked questions of now a day is what type of mask is required to avoid coronavirus? So WHO listed in their health tips blog, use any kind of mask.

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But there is a misconception that fabric masks are not good for health. But according to many types of research, these are pretty good to avoid coronavirus infection. Additionally, medical masks and N-95 masks are disposable so these are highly recommended during the pandemic.


  1. Eat healthy food

During these strict and boring days, your diet should be healthy and nutritious to fight against coronavirus. International and national health care centers provided us many health tips about a healthy and well-balanced diet. . This balanced diet surely helps you to boost your immune system during pandemic days.

  • Vegetables:

Green vegetables are the source of minerals, vitamins, and fibers. These are all nutrients that are essential for good health. Many nutritionists recommend taking a balanced portion of all types of vegetables in your daily life. These vegetables help to boost your immune system and helps to fight against corona.



Rich in vitamin c and vitamin k


These are the source of vitamin a and k1


These are rich in protein


Spinach is the source of vitamin b6, b9, and vitamin c


  • Fruits:

it contains vitamins, minerals, and a low amount of fat. Fruits provide all healthy nutrients and these are low in calories. Many recent types of research have proven that fruits are real immunity boosters. Citric fruits are a great source of vitamin c that why doctors recommend these fruits during pandemics. Many doctors suggested in their health tips to take 400g fruits per day.

vegetables and fruits


Kiwis have a high amount of vitamin c


Oranges contain vitamin c, folate, and thiamine


Blueberries are the source of vitamin, vitamin E, and minerals


Lemons are rich in vitamin c content


Apple contains fiber and vitamin c


Melon is the source of vitamin C, fibers, water

WHO suggested fruits in the diet as a top priority in their health tips.

  • Nuts:

Nuts are rich in nutrients like protein, vitamin zinc, copper, and folate.  There are many types of nuts that are recommended in the daily diet by a nutritionist. These nutrients help to increase immunity.



Almonds are a source of protein and vitamin E


These are the source of vitamin E and protein


These are rich in vitamin E and magnesium

  1. Get enough sleep

Your sleep pattern directly affects your immune system which ameliorates the risk of several community-acquired infectious diseases and helps a person fight deadly viruses if he is already having it. In contrast, lack of sleep weakens the body’s defense mechanisms and make people prone to viruses.

get-engough-sleep-for-staying-healthyWorld health organization mentioned in their health tips that an adequate amount of sleep makes your body work perfectly and efficiently stabilizes your mood and boosts energy helping you achieve all your daily goals.


Additionally, create a sleep schedule for these pandemic days. First of all, you need to figure out which sleep pattern suits you the most (experiment with different sleep times and amounts), then choose the one which suits you the most. Mostly six to nine hours of sleep are enough for an adult, others may need seven to eight hours. It is highly unnecessary and unhealthy to stay awake at night just for your social activities, so going to bed earlier is very much important and you need to take advantage of that.

  1. Do exercise:

During this pandemic when we are all restricted in-home and less active. This is affecting our physical and mental health. But we need to be active these days to fight against coronavirus. Even little activities are beneficial for us so be active especially in these days.

Additionally, daily exercises help in boosting the immune system. Exercise is an essential part of the health tips list which is provided by the world health organization. According to WHO 150 minutes of exercise 5 days of the week is enough for a healthy lifestyle.

Couple jogging and running outdoors in a park near the water. Young bearded man and woman exercising together in the morning.

There are different types of exercises suggested in the health tips list

Do Yoga daily:

Yoga is the easiest exercise. You can do yoga anywhere. It is best to exercise for maintaining health and increasing immunity. If you are a beginner you can find yoga tutorials online.


Weight training:

To increase your strength you have to do weight training. You just have to use dumbbells and resistance bands for this.


Walk or jogging:

Walking or jogging is the simplest type of exercise .you do not need any equipment to walk or jog.

According to international fitness couches, 40 minutes’ walk is good for maintaining health. About every age group, people can do this simple exercise.

  1. Stay hydrated:

world health organizations recommended taking enough water intake during pandemic days (COVID-19). It will keep you hydrated and active throughout the day. But the question is how to stay hydrated during COVID-19 days?  There is no hard and fast rule but you have to follow some important health tips.


  • Take 6 to 8 glasses of normal water per day
  • Eat those fruits which are high in water content
  • Try to drink warm water during these days


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