How to increase blood oxygen level for COVID patient

As you know, coronavirus is hitting almost all countries, but nowadays many countries are most affected by the covid-19 like India, France, turkey Brazil, Russia, UK, Italy, Spain, and German. These countries are suffering from severe pandemic with high death rates. Nowadays situation in India is worst; people are facing an oxygen shortage, that’s why their death rate is high. As we know, during corona, oxygen levels go down, and people feel difficulty breathing in this situation. They need artificial oxygen to survive because in covid oxygen levels too low. But India has not enough artificial oxygen, so they can’t provide oxygen to all patients. That’s why People are dying due to a shortage of oxygen. So it’s time to prepare yourself for any coming dangerous situation of oxygen shortage.

Are you afraid of this kind of situation? Don’t worry, here is the solution you can maintain your oxygen level. Because when you manage your in covid oxygen level, you will not need any artificial cylinder. Therefore preserve your oxygen level.

Furthermore, if you got covid-19, you have to maintain your oxygen level during this situation. If your oxygen level goes down, and after this, you need artificial oxygen, and most people go on a ventilator. This deficiency of oxygen is called hypoxia, but according to SOPS about COVID-19, you can manage oxygen levels by proning. This article will explain how to overcome this oxygen deficiency with proning.

What is proning?

proning is a medically approved position in which patients suffering from respiratory distress are made to lie on their belly to boost up their oxygen levels. Pruning affects immediately. It was stated that an 82 years old patient from Gorakhpur suffering from Covid-19 had his oxygen saturation of 75%. It showed an immediate increase of 94% after making the patient lie in the prone position for an hour. Patients lying in the prone position may not need additional ventilator support. In short we can say in covid oxygen level is manageable with proning.

What are Proning positions?

While being in a prone position patient is made to lie on his/her belly with the help of pillows. The patient may lie on her left side, right side, or sit at 60-90 degree angle in the “fowler position.”

It is medically proved that the patient can lie in the prone position for half an hour up to 2 hours. This improves oxygen saturation in patients of respiratory distress, said doctor Gupta.

prone position for COVID-19 patient?

For the patients who cannot maintain their prone position by  themselves, a five-step method  given for them using  a regular bed and flat sheet

  • With the help of a flat sheet, pull the patient to the one side of the body.
  • place the flat sheet around the patient’s arm that will pull through
  • A second flat sheet is also placed on the bed and tucked under the patient.
  • Now use the sheet and turn the patient over and position the patient prone. The arm and sheet will pull across the bed.
  • Now pull and center the patient. The sheet which was used to place the patient in the supine position is discarded. Now straighten all the lines and tubes.

When not to do pruning?

Avoid proning for an hour after taking your meal. One must stay in a prone position as much as possible. It will be beneficial for their speedy recovery. Pillows must be adjusted timely to avoid pressure sores. The room in which the patient is lying must be highly ventilated. Pressure sores must not be ignored in any case and should be treated immediately.  According to the Ministry of health, one can lie in the prone position for up to 16hours per day

Who should avoid proning?

One must not practice proning position while being pregnant or by patients who have deep venous thrombosis. Patients who have the severe cardiovascular disease should not practice it. Patients with unstable spine, femur, or pelvic fractures should also avoid it as well.

Other ways to improve oxygen level

Maintaining your hydration status, yoga, deep breathing, eating Iron-rich foods, light exercises also help in improving the oxygen level of patients suffering from Covid_19.

Tips to Increase Your Blood Oxygen Level

There are different ways to increase the blood oxygen level; few tips are mentioned below.

  • Get fresh air:

Getting fresh air is a healthy habit because it increases the oxygen level in the blood level. It is easy to get fresh air; you just have to open the window of your room and take a deep breath. Furthermore, you can get oxygen by walking outside; when you exercise outdoors, it increases the blood sugar level.

  • Quit smoking:

As you know, smoking is harmful, and it also causes breathing issues. So in this critical situation, you need to stop smoking. According to a research report quitting smoking for two weeks showed improvement in blood circulation and blood oxygen level. So in covid-days stop smoking to save yourself.

  • Grow some plants:

Houseplants are the best source of oxygen, and these plants also help to purify indoor oxygen. Moreover, these plants eliminate carbon dioxide and increase the level of oxygen. In this situation, you will get enough oxygen from these plants.

Four houseplants growing next to each other in a room
  • Practice breathing exercises

Breathing exercises are the best ways to increase blood sugar levels. Do these types of exercises such as yoga and low impact exercises. These exercises will increase the blood oxygen level.

Young woman yogi practicing yoga, sitting in Padmasana, Lotus pose, using Alternate Nostril Breathing, nadi shodhana pranayama, working out, wearing white tank top, pants, full length, grey studio

Final words:

As we all know, corona can affect any of us, and it’s time to protect yourself and your loved ones. In this situation, maintain your oxygen level because deficiency of oxygen can lead you toward death. But in covid oxygen level can manageable with different tips.To apply these tips to maintain your blood oxygen level.

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