The Shocking Revelation of Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green tea brewed in cup with tea leaves on blue pastel background. Top View.

People all over the world drink tea daily. There are different kinds of tea available such as green tea, black tea and milk tea. All types of tea provide many health benefits because this contains healthy nutrient or substances such as flavonoids. These substances help to reduce inflammation, lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes. There are many health-related green tea benefits. In the old-times, people used Green tea to heal wounds, stop bleeding, maintain body temperature, and improve digestion. Green teas are dried Camellia Sinensis leaves that does not follow any oxidation process. That’s why it contains enough antioxidant and polyphenols. Therefore the researcher suggests green tea for weight loss.

Moreover, Green tea promotes weight loss because it contains catechin that boosts metabolism and burns calories. It also has caffeine which helps to boost energy level and make you active. According to researcher, catechin and caffeine, both are a great substance that helps to burn calories.

Additionally, if you have lost your extra weight with diet or exercise, Green tea helps you maintain body weight. There are different kind of Green teas recommended for weight loss.

How Green tea works for fat loss? 

Green tea is effective for weight loss. There are different green tea benefits. most important It helps to shrink the fat cell and break them down after transferring these small fat cells to the bloodstream.

According to Animal studies, green tea contains fat-burning hormone-like norepinephrine or noradrenaline. These hormones aid to burn extra fat on the body. Therefore people drink green tea for weight loss.

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Additionally, green tea has antioxidants such as EGCG that help stop the enzyme, inhibiting norepinephrine hormones. When enzyme subdued, norepinephrine level increases and fat start burning.

In short, both caffeine and EGCG help to break down the fat cell and transfer fat cell to blood to use this for energy.

Facts about green tea

According to a study, the usage of green tea extract before going to exercises increase the chance of fat burning by 17 per cent. It showed that the combination of green tea and exercise promote fat loss.

Another study of eight weeks claimed that catechins increase fat burning during exercise and after the workout.  Many other studies showed that EGCG fastens the fat burning process. We can say that drinking green tea for weight loss, and there are many green tea benefits.

Types of green tea for weight loss

There are different varieties of green teas available. The green tea listed below is effective for weight loss. Studies claims there are various green tea benefits. If you want to fast weight loss, then take green tea for weight loss.

types of green tea
  1. Pepper Mint green tea:

Mint green tea is such a refreshing tea with aroma and soothing power that boost your mood. Mint tea contains antioxidant that boosts energy level and Improve digestion.

According to researchers, peppermint tea is effective for weight loss because it is a calorie-free drink. It also contains rosmarinic acid that helps to aid runny nose, headache, itching in the eye and asthma. Mint tea is the best green tea for weight loss.

Set of mint leaves, lemon, sugar, dry cinnamon and a cup of chamomile tea on a gray background. top view.
  1. Tulsi Green Tea

Tulsi is a herbal tree which is known as basil. It also a basic element of Indian Ayurvedic medicine or home remedies.  Traditional Indian treatments are incomplete without tulsi or basil. Tulsi, green tea has amazing health benefits. And it is the best green tea for weight loss and has different green tea benefits.

tulsi or basil green tea

Additionally, tulsi contain phytonutrients and antioxidant that fight against free radicals. It also helps to boost immunity and stamina. Moreover, according to dr Shikha Sharma in her book 101 weight loss tips, tulsi boost metabolism, helping burn calories. It also improves digestion and removes toxin from the body, which helps to lose weight fast.

  1. Jasmine Green tea

Jasmine green tea has antioxidants that help to fight against free radical. It is also effective for regulating high blood pressure and help to get rid of arthritis.

Besides, it boosts metabolism by 4 to 5 per cent and fastens fat burning 10 to 16 per cent.

Moreover, it also contains polyphenol EGCG and caffeine that help to reduce weight.

  1. Chamomile Green tea

Chamomile tea is effective for weight loss because it removes toxin from the body. It improves digestion by activating gastric juice. The main function of chamomile green tea is to lower appetite, which is good for people who want to lose weight.

Aromatic chamomile tea in a cup and sauce on a dark placemat background. flat lay.

Besides, it has soothing property, that’s why it helps to remove stomach and abdomen pain. It helps to cope with stress and improve sleep. These all are green tea benefits.

  1. Himalayan green tea

Himalayan tea is the best green tea ever .it contain special substances that help to shrink fat cells and reduce appetite. That’s why Himalayan tea is the best green tea for weight loss.

Moreover, it fastens digestion and maintains blood pressure.

  1. Matcha 

Matchach as antioxidant and catenin. Matcha aid weight loss and protect the heart and liver from damage. green tea is powered from green tea, which is specially grown in shades.

Bowl with matcha green tea with foam on a gray stone background. Tea Party Time, Top View, Vertical Frame


  1. Honey lemon green tea

Honey lemon green tea is the common and most effective green tea for weight loss.  It is full of nutrients like phytonutrient and antioxidants. Lemon has fat cutting power which helps to reduce extra fat, and honey has soothing properties. These all are honey lemon green tea benefits.

honey lemon green tea

The Bottom Line

 no doubt the green tea is effective for weight loss. It is the most used drink for good health. Because it contains many healthy nutrients such as caffeine, EGCG, and catenin, .these all substances are best for weight loss and help lose fast.

Moreover, if you want to lose weight, take green tea with a high protein and low carb diet. This combination of green tea and a low-calorie diet will provide you with a good result. Don’t forget that green tea has other health benefits too. It aids high blood pressure, diabetes and lowers cholesterol level. Take green tea every day for good results. It does not have any side effects.



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